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Our Mission

The time has come in Poland for us, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, to abandon our stuffy hiding places (closets) en masse. We have a right to breathe the same atmosphere of acceptance and affirmation that most citizens breathe daily. We have a right to dignity and a life in harmony with ourselves. Our hiding places have been built out of shame, a sense of guilt, self-hate, fear, conformity and indifference to the situation of other LGBT people. Such feelings and attitudes are imposed on us by a hostile ideology that is still omnipresent, hence they sometimes appear to be based on common sense. However, hiding turns our sexual orientation or gender identity into a personal and political problem. Let’s no longer play a part in it! Let’s plan our coming out.

The experience of LGBT people in various regions of the world teaches us that with our coming out society’s acceptance of us dramatically increases. When we show ourselves to our environment as people who are authentic and worthy of esteem, negative stereotypes and irrational fear gradually vanish. Many people have open minds and are in favour of justice. We thus win allies and the number of fellow citizens who have an indifferent or hostile attitude towards us decreases. Our allies affirm us and come out as advocates of our rights.

Although prejudice obscures our humanity, we are human. Human rights are also our rights. Hence, we have, for example, a right to an education that takes account of our sexual orientation and gender identity, a right to enter into a legally recognized union with a chosen person irrespective of their gender and a right to found a family. We reject the status of second-class citizens, who can count only on tolerance. We should fully enjoy our civil rights.

We demand equality: nothing more and nothing less.

In our striving for equal treatment our visibility is essential. So let’s encourage one another to come out, starting right away today. Let’s set dates. Let’s make use of Coming Out Day (11 October), International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (17 May) and every other suitable opportunity. No one will do it for us. It’s a waste of life to remain in humiliating hiding places. By coming out in a well-thought-out way, we affirm ourselves and inspire others.

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